DSCC Announces Support For Ted Strickland In Ohio

Tom Lopach, Executive Director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, issued the following statement announcing the committee’s support of Ted Strickland in Ohio:

“Ted Strickland has a long record of fighting for working folks in Ohio and there is no question that he is the strongest candidate to defeat Rob Portman. As a minister, psychologist, legislator and Governor, Ted Strickland’s life has been dedicated to helping people, and we need responsible public servants like Ted in the Senate. Judging by their daily attacks against him over the last month it’s clear that Senator Portman and his special interest allies are afraid to run against Ted and don’t want to defend Portman’s record of outsourcing jobs, supporting plans that dismantle Social Security & Medicare, and standing with Washington lobbyists over middle class Ohioans.

“We look forward to supporting Ted Strickland’s campaign and are confident that he will be a great Senator.”

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