Following Senate Passage of GOP Tax Scam, DSCC Launches Six-Second, Non-Skippable YouTube Ads

Optimized to Reach Voters Across Mobile Platforms, Ads Highlight the GOP’s Corrupt Bargain & Hold Senator Heller Accountable

GOP Plan Raises Taxes on the Middle Class to Benefit the Wealthy; Increases Health Care Costs; and Creates Years of “Instability

Following Senate passage of the GOP tax scam, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is launching six-second, non-skippable YouTube versions of its digital tax ad, “Mailbox,” which features an individual learning how the Republican plan will increase their taxes in order to benefit the wealthy. These six-second non-skippable bumper ads are optimal for delivering critical messages while keeping viewer attention, especially across mobile platforms. The ad will run in Nevada as part of an ongoing six-figure digital buy.

From Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Spokesman David Bergstein: “Senator Heller and his fellow Republicans are increasing taxes and health care premiums on the middle class so their wealthy donors can get another handout. This wildly unpopular plan is a loser in 2018 but Heller, eager to shore up his base in the primary, has repeatedly taken credit for crafting it.  Higher taxes, higher health care bills and a kickback to rich D.C. swamp creatures paid for by working families – that’s Senator McConnell’s agenda, voters hate it, and it will drag down Republican Senate candidates in every state.”

View the ad here:

The ads will also run in key states, including Arizona, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.


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Following House Passage of GOP Tax Scam, DSCC Launches Six-Second, Non-Skippable YouTube Ads

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