Heller Behind Closed Doors: “I Want To Get To Yes” On GOP Healthcare Plan

Senator Heller knows his support for the GOP healthcare plan is toxic with Nevada voters — but behind closed doors Senator Heller has already pledged he’ll do whatever he can to support the Republican health care agenda that spikes costs and strips coverage.

Listen to the leaked audio for yourself:

  • Politico: CAUGHT ON TAPE — “Heller audio: I want to ‘get to a yes’ on Obamacare repeal:” “Nevada Sen. Dean Heller told a group of conservatives earlier this week he ‘will do everything I can to get to a yeson repealing Obamacare and suggested he was withholding his approval of the GOP health care plan in Congress to get attention from the White House…The group barred media members from the event and kicked out several protesters who paid to attend.”
  • The Hill: Healthcare vote puts Heller in a bind. “In the recording, Heller said that he wants to “do everything I can to get to a yes” on the healthcare bill.”

From David Bergstein, DSCC Spokesman: “Senator Heller is the kind of lazy, dishonest politician who will say anything to help himself — but he can’t escape his clear support for the toxic GOP healthcare Plan that would spike costs and strip coverage for hardworking Nevadans in order to give another handout to big insurance companies. At every turn Senator Heller is looking out for himself, while hard working Nevadans pay the price.”

This isn’t the first time Senator Heller has tried to deceive Nevadans for the sake of his political ambitions: 24 hours after telling Nevadans he would support Planned Parenthood Heller reversed himself — re-affirming his long-standing record of slashing support for vital women’s healthcare services.


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