ICYMI: “Rick Scott…Declined To Be Here In Person Or From Tallahassee”

Floridians noticed more than just Rick Scott’s absence from the town hall discussion last night: they saw another example of how his failed, self-serving politics has made them less safe from gun violence.

Take a look:

Parkland student Cameron Kasky:  “@marcorubio came and took it like a champ and was respectful and kind. @FLGovScott don’t think you can avoid the issue. Don’t think you can avoid #NEVERAGAIN and the #MarchForOurLives Hide behind your money but know that we are demanding answers and change NOW. We’ll get both.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper: “We should note that President Trump declined an invitation to be here tonight, either in person or from the White House, as did the governor of Florida Rick Scott, who declined to be here in person or from Tallahassee.”

Parkland student Chris Grady: “I would just like to thank you again for coming out and listening to us because that’s a lot more than can be said for our so-called President and Governor.

CNN: “What was notable we should say was who was missing from that conversation, President Trump and Florida’s governor Rick Scott. Both declining the invitation and that was mentioned many times throughout the evening.”

Washington Examiner: Florida Gov. Rick Scott booed for skipping gun town hall. ”Florida Gov. Rick Scott was heavily booed Wednesday night for refusing to show up at a live, televised town hall on guns hosted by CNN.”


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