McConnell’s Whopper: JCT Confirms Raised Taxes For Middle Class

The Joint Committee on Taxation has confirmed what we already knew: Republican Leader Mitch McConnell was telling a whopper when he claimed that “nobody in the middle class is going to get a tax increase.” In fact, EVERY income group under $75,000/yr will see their taxes go up. In response, the DSCC released the following statement from Spokesman David Bergstein:

“We already knew the McConnell plan would institute a double-tax, blow up the deficit, and cost millions their health care.  Now, it’s been confirmed by Congress’ own tax experts that he lied to cover up middle class tax hikes, all while his colleagues have openly, repeatedly admitted that they are legislating to get donor cash flowing to their campaign accounts.  It’s the kind of corrupt kickback that voters hate, and Republican Senators and their candidates will be held accountable.”


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