New Report: GOP Sabotage & Toxic Health Care Agenda Spiking Costs

A new report from The New York Times detail how Republicans’ toxic health care agenda and their ongoing sabotage of America’s health insurance system is spiking premiums for hardworking families.

From The New York Times:

“Health insurers are aggressively increasing prices next year for individual policies sold under the federal health care law, with some raising premiums by more than 50 percent…After the latest Senate effort to repeal the health law collapsed, insurers still have no commitment about whether the government will continue to allocate millions of dollars in critical financing.”

The changing circumstances and inaction by Congress have forced insurers to raise rates and experiment with different plans for those who are not eligible for federal assistance.”

“In New Mexico, the average rate increase for plans sold on the state marketplace is about 30 percent. ‘Half of that increase is due to the uncertainty in Washington and the inability to lead,’ said John G. Franchini, the state insurance regulator.”

From David Bergstein, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Spokesman: “Hardworking Americans are already feeling the expensive impact of the Republicans’ toxic health care plan and their ongoing sabotage continues to spike costs and jeopardize coverage for the middle class. As voters continue to see their health care costs rise as a result of the GOP’s political agenda, they will hold every Republican Senate candidate accountable.”


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