Republicans Hit Panic Button in New Hampshire

After Kelly Ayotte’s re-election filing was marred in bad headlines, national Republicans are in an all-out panic about Ayotte’s electoral prospects. The same day Rothenberg & Gonzales Political Report moved the New Hampshire Senate race away from Ayotte from “Tilts Republican” to “Toss Up,” yet another dark money special interest group announced a huge ad buy to prop up Ayotte.


One Nation, a Karl Rove-backed group that’s already spent nearly $3 million on Ayotte’s re-election bid this cycle, is pouring a whopping $4.6 million into New Hampshire with a desperate and misleading ad.


“Republicans are panicking about Kelly Ayotte’s plummeting re-election chances, so they’re once again pouring millions of dollars in dark money into the Granite State,” said Lauren Passalacqua, DSCC National Press Secretary. “But the special interests who so desperately want to keep Kelly Ayotte in the Senate won’t be able to rewrite her record of siding against New Hampshire’s students, women, seniors and families.”

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