#TBT – Kelly Ayotte Voted with Ted Cruz FIVE Times to Shut Down the Government

Today, Senator Kelly Ayotte heads to the Lone Star State to fundraise with Senator Ted Cruz, who’s also now sending fundraising emails on her behalf. This isn’t the first time Ayotte’s standing alongside Cruz– she also joined him and his Tea Party extremists in voting five times to shut down the government in 2013.


Once Ayotte realized supporting the shutdown could put her political career in jeopardy, she went into damage control mode and tried to distance herself from Cruz. But it was too little, too late to stop the shutdown that ultimately cost the country an estimated $24 billion.


“Senator Kelly Ayotte may be trying to brag about her role in ending the government shutdown as a way to distract from her admission that Donald Trump is ‘absolutely’ a role model to New Hampshire children, but today’s fundraiser with Senator Ted Cruz today serves as a reminder that Ayotte voted with Cruz five times to shut down the government, even though it had a damaging impact on Granite Staters,” said Lauren Passalacqua, DSCC National Press Secretary. “Long before she joined Senate Republicans’ unprecedented blockade of the Supreme Court, Ayotte showed a penchant for irresponsible governance and obstructionism, and that’s just not right for New Hampshire.”

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