AWFULLY DEFENSIVE – ABORTION BAN HAS GOP CANDIDATES “ON DEFENSE.” Senate Republicans’ national abortion ban continues to have “swing-state Republicans on defense” – and is sparking backlash as doctors fear that “physicians could be prosecuted” and that the GOP’s ban would “force many women to undergo invasive transvaginal ultrasounds before terminating pregnancies.”

  • The Hill: Swing-state Republicans on defense over Graham’s abortion ban. “‘Republicans are showing voters exactly what they would do if they are in charge: pass a nationwide abortion ban and strip away women’s right to make our own health care decisions,’ said Nora Keefe, a spokesperson for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. ‘For Americans of every political persuasion who value the freedom to make their own decisions about their family’s health care, the stakes of protecting and expanding our Democratic Senate majority in November have never been higher.’”

SHOCK ME LIKE AN ELECTRIC EEL – GOP SENATE CANDIDATES GRAB THIRD RAIL, SHORT-CIRCUITING THEIR CAMPAIGNS & TURNING OFF VOTERS. Despite Social Security and Medicare being “wildly popular” – a new report from POLITICO questions why Republicans continue to “keep talking about privatizing them.”

  • POLITICO: The third rail Republicans can’t stop touching. “Bolduc isn’t the only Republican to take aim at the popular programs in recent months; GOP Senate nominees in some of the country’s most competitive races this year have also faced scrutiny over their current or past support for privatizing the programs.”

BOLDUC BLUNDER – ON ABORTION, GRANITE STATE REPUBLICAN TELLS WOMEN TO “GET OVER IT” & SAYS IT DISTRACTS “FROM THE REALLY IMPORTANT ISSUES.” This week, Don Bolduc callously told Granite Staters to ‘get over’ the prospect of a nationwide abortion ban – and said that the ban ‘distracts ‘from the really important issues.’ Senator Hassan hit back on Bolduc’s comments with a new digital ad highlighting how out of touch he is with the Granite State.

  • Boston Globe: Get Over It? Nope!“Voters can’t trust Bolduc’s word on abortion, or anything else.”

Watch Hassan’s Digital Ad: “Get Over It”

YOU SIT ON A THRONE OF LIES – HERSCHEL WALKER’S LIES ABOUT HIS CHARITABLE DONATIONS ARE HIS LATEST BOUT WITH THE TRUTH. Walker’s lies about his charitable donations are the latest in a constant stream of revelations demonstrating that he is not who he says he is, isn’t up for the job, and has no business representing Georgians in the U.S. Senate.

  • MSNBC – All In With Chris Hayes (WATCH): “Herschel Walker may be among the most unqualified, if not the most unqualified, candidate running to serve in public office – not only because he seems just incapable of answering even the most basic policy questions, but because he appears to lie almost instinctually.”

TAR HEEL TROUBLE – BUDD “EMBRACES TRUMP, ABORTION OPPOSITION” AS REPUBLICANS WORRY ABOUT HIS STRUGGLING CAMPAIGN.  Ahead of Trump’s visit to the Tarheel State, a wave of news coverage is highlighting how Ted Budd is embracing Republicans’ “most controversial policies and people” – including backing a national abortion ban and peddling Trump’s Big Lie. North Carolina Democrats are holding Budd accountable by installing a billboard highlighting his dangerous comments around the Jan. 6 insurrection.

  • Associated Press: Budd embraces Trump, abortion opposition in NC Senate race. “In competitive races across the U.S., Republican candidates are distancing themselves from their party’s most controversial policies and people — namely, abortion and former President Donald Trump — as Election Day approaches. Not Ted Budd.”

MISSION FAILURE – MASTERS CALLED “DISGRACEFUL” FOR VETERAN REMARKS, TRIES TO HIDE HIS EXTREME ABORTION VIEWS.  After Vice news reported that Master’s wanted to ‘explicitly called for a wholesale firing of the generals,’ now, Arizona veterans are slamming Masters over his offensive remarks.

→ ICYMI: Arizona Republic: Blake Masters, Peter Thiel sought new FDA boss, new approach to clinical trials as Trump took office. “For Masters, the story of the FDA recommendation and a company called Cortexyme offers a glimpse of his free-market preferences and the public risks and private profits that can go with it. As is often the case for Masters, Thiel looms large over it.”

JUST ANOTHER WEEK FOR RON “COMPLETELY OUT OF TOUCH” JOHNSON. A new AP report shows that Wisconsin voters — including previous Johnson supporters — are tired of his constant threats to Social Security, Medicare, and women’s reproductive freedom. Additionally, UpNorthNews reported Johnson has backed judges who are “hostile” to Wisconsinites’ rights, and he was slammed in The Madison Times for outscourcing jobs.

SHADIER THAN ADAM LEVINE – DSCC AD SLAMS LAXALT FOR CASHING IN FROM BIG OIL & CORPORATE BACKERS. The DSCC released a new ad in the Nevada Senate race, Cashed In.” The spot highlights how Adam Laxalt is a sleazy, corrupt politician who is looking out for himself and his corporate backers, like Big Oil companies.

WATCH: “Cashed In”

THE GANG BUYS A TIMESHARE – AND LAXALT CASHES IN. A new investigative report from the Nevada Independent highlights the extensive financial ties between Adam Laxalt and a Las Vegas timeshare company – and how his office turned a blind eye to more than 50 complaints involving their ‘aggressive’ and ‘deceptive’ sales tactics. It’s a sleazy plot that’s straight out of Always Sunny in Philadelphia – but Laxalt’s corruption is no joke for Nevadans.


ELLE MAGAZINE PROFILES SEN. CORTEZ MASTO – WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS “Catherine Cortez Masto, the only Latina in the U.S. Senate, is fighting to keep her seat in one of the most-watched races of the midterms.”

RUBIO COMPARES ABORTION TO VEHICULAR MANSLAUGHTER. Vice News reported that Marco Rubio compared abortion to vehicular manslaughter – once again showing he is wrong for the Sunshine State.

WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE – O’DEA CASUALLY MENTIONS HIS FRIENDS ATTENDED JAN. 6TH, GETS SLAMMED ON ABORTION. O’Dea came under fire this week after the Colorado Times Recorder reported that he previously said, “I had friends that were at January 6” – and a Colorado OB-GYN slammed O’Dea for “fully supporting anti-abortion policies.”

  • Colorado Times Recorder: U.S. Senate Candidate O’Dea: ‘I Had Friends That Were at January 6’. “During a Republican U.S. Senate candidate forum in February, Denver businessman and U.S. Senate candidate Joe O’Dea said he had friends who attended January 6, characterized it as a ‘rally,’ and compared participants to those who took part in nationwide police brutality protests that occurred during the summer of 2020.”

BAD AND BOUJEE – BUT IN DOC HOLLYWOOD’S CASE, IT’S ALL JUST BAD. New Jersey transplant Mehmet Oz is being called out for his expensive lifestyle while he tries to paint himself as an Average Joe. Wonkette released a new article detailing Oz’s craving for fancy Turkish suits and his expensive tastebuds while highlighting how out of touch he is with Pennsylvanians. The American Independent reported that Oz ‘wants rich people like himself to pay less in taxes.’”


→ Senator Mark Kelly Working To Expand Manufacturing Across Arizona. Senate Democrats like Senator Mark Kelly, voted to pass the bipartisan Chips legislation that lowers costs, ensures that more products are made here in America, and helps the U.S. out-compete countries like China. This week Kelly toured a microchip job training facility that was made possible through the Chips legislation.

  • Arizona Family – Good Evening Arizona (WATCH): “Arizona Senator Mark Kelly is working to expand microchip manufacturing across our state. Kelly checking out the microchip job training program out at a stray and Mountain Community College earlier today.”


FL – Florida Politics (Opinion): Marco Rubio’s campaign is all over the place. “Every time he talks, Rubio gets a headline, and not always a flattering one.”

NC – Gaston Gazette: Senate candidate Cheri Beasley talks drug prices, abortion, campaign at Gastonia pharmacy. “Democrat Cheri Beasley sat down this month at a Gastonia pharmacy with advocates of lowering prescription drug prices … The former chief justice of North Carolina’s Supreme Court mostly listened as seven people talked about their struggles to pay for medications for serious diseases ranging from diabetes to cancer.”

OH – Ohio Capital Journal: J.D. Vance’s comments about Somali community spark pushback in Columbus. “In an interview last year, Republican Senate nominee J.D. Vance brought up violence in a Somali community to defend his hardline stance on immigration policy. …  ‘People should learn English. They should want to be part of the community — be friendly, be neighborly, that’s okay,’ he explained.”

PA – Pittsburgh Post Gazette: John Fetterman reaffirms commitment to rural Pa. communities during rally at IUP. “Wearing a Fetterman shirt inside the event center, Will Latinette, a 70-year-old retired researcher who lives near Blairsville, said he comes from a town where residents have a pretty negative view of Democrats. He applauded Mr. Fetterman’s approach of coming to the reddest of counties. ‘Republicans try to be populist, but their policies are not. His are,’ Mr. Latinette said, ‘and they have been from the very beginning.’”

WI – WJFW: Barnes unveils plan to strengthen Social Security and Medicare. “Democratic Senate candidate Mandela Barnes released his plan to protect Social Security and Medicare. Barnes vowed to fight against any legislation that would privatize social security, or raise the retirement age. He also would vote to make sure the ‘very wealthy pay their fair sure’ to make sure social security is financially secure, according to a press release from the Barnes campaign.”


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