DSCC Releases New Digital Ad On Blake Masters: “That Guy.”

Today the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) is releasing a new digital ad in the Arizona Senate race, That Guy.”

The spot highlights how Blake Masters is not like normal Arizonans and has dangerous beliefs that are out of step with Arizona’s values – like calling cocaine smugglers heroes, praising the Unabomber, and calling Americans “security craving sheep” after the 9/11 terrorist attack.

The ad follows the launch of the DSCC’s first general election advertising campaign against Masters earlier this week and is part of the DSCC’s previously announced $33 million independent expenditure reservation.

That Guy

Announcer: That guy who just can’t stop posting weird stuff? That’s Blake Masters.
Announcer: He’s called cocaine smugglers heroes.
Announcer: Praised the Unabomber.
Masters: Thinker that’s underrated? Theodore Kaczynski.
Announcer: And after 9/11, called Americans security-craving sheep.
Announcer: Blake Masters: He’s too out there.


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