DSCC Releases New Video Highlighting West Virginia Republicans’ “Battle Royale” Senate Primary

Today the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) is releasing a new video, “Battle Royale,” highlighting reporting on West Virginia Republicans’ “messy,” “costly,” and “bruising intraparty fight” between Alex Mooney and Jim Justice.

The video comes on the heels of new reporting from The Washington Examiner, Fox News, and POLITICO detailing how Senate Republicans are concerned about the “looming ‘proxy war’” between the Senate Leadership Fund and the Club for Growth as the candidates continue to “bash” and “slam” each other. 

From Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesperson Amanda Sherman Baity: 

“West Virginia’s GOP Senate primary is getting nastier by the day. Whichever candidate manages to hobble out of their intraparty battle will be damaged and out of step with the West Virginia voters who will decide the general election.” 

Watch “Battle Royale” Here:

Read more here:

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