DSCC Statement: McCormick’s Book Can’t Hide His Real Record

As McCormick attempts to rewrite his history with his book, the DSCC’s new book features reporting on McCormick’s true record.

In response to the release of David McCormick’s book, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesperson David Bergstein released the following statement: 

“McCormick’s book won’t be able to cover up his true record of outsourcing jobs and his close ties to China, Wall Street and Mitch McConnell. Trump was right when he said McCormick cannot be trusted to care about anyone but himself.”

Ahead of McCormick’s book launch, this week the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee released a new book featuring reporting on McCormick’s real record:  “Chameleon:” David McCormick’s Real Record

READ “Chameleon:” David McCormick’s Real Record HERE:

Republicans’ Senate primary dynamics in Pennsylvania are getting messier by the day, with Doug Mastriano floating a run for Senate and new polling showing McCormick trailing Mastriano in a Republican primary. 


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