DSCC Statement on Sen. Cruz’s Attacks on Social Security

Today marks the 88th anniversary of Social Security being signed into law

In response to the 88th anniversary of Social Security being signed into law, today Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesperson Amanda Sherman Baity released the following statement: 

“Social Security’s anniversary is a stark reminder that Cruz’s efforts to slash this vital program would raise costs for Texas seniors and strip away the benefits they’ve earned through a lifetime of hard work. In 2024, Texas voters will hold Cruz accountable by rejecting him and his toxic agenda.”

The facts about Cruz’s record attacking Social Security: 

  • Cruz has called to “raise the retirement age.” [CBS News, 11/23/15]

  • Cruz has a proposal that “suggests a different form of benefit cut” to cap increases in the cost-of-living adjustment that future retirees would receive even though “using payroll taxes for any purpose other than Social Security would make the system’s solvency problems worse, not better.” [NPR, 3/12/16]

  • Cruz described Social Security as a Ponzi Scheme in a televised interview. [FactCheck.Org, 10/19/17]

To mark Medicare’s anniversary this year, the DSCC launched advertising highlighting Cruz’s agenda to slash Medicare and Social Security. 


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