FACT SHEET: Republican Senate Candidates’ Attacks on Social Security

As the Social Security program marks its 88th anniversary, it remains under constant assault from Republican Senate candidates. 

“In 2024, voters will hold every Republican Senate candidate accountable for their party’s agenda to gut Social Security and Medicare – raising costs and ripping away the benefits seniors have earned,” said Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesperson Tommy Garcia.

Ahead of the 2023 Medicare anniversary last month, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) launched new ads highlighting Senate Republicans’ attacks on Medicare and Social Security.

Here are the facts about Senate Republicans’ plan to end Social Security and Medicare and their Senate candidates’ promises to gut these vital programs.  


  • Rick Scott’s plan would put “an end to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid … and potentially more.” Scott has since “double[d] down on sunsetting even popular programs.” [Washington Post, 3/11/22] [Washington Post, 2/8/23]


  • Mike Rogers said the country had to rethink “what retirement looks like” and “every option’s gonna have to be on the table” when he was asked about his plans for Social Security. [13:45, WMUR9, Conversation with the Candidate, 5/5/23


  • Sam Brown “praised Rick Scott for creating [a] ‘roadmap’ to sunset Medicare [and Social Security].” [American Independent, 8/2/23]


  • Matt Dolan said that Social Security was “not an entitlement” when he was asked about his stance on Social Security. [Dolan, Avon-Avon Lake Republican Club Event, 7/13/23] (VIDEO) [CBS, Time stamp 05:12, 2/9/23] (VIDEO)
  • Bernie Moreno said that “Social Security is not an entitlement.” [Moreno, Ask The Politician Interview, 2022] (VIDEO) 


  • David McCormick called programs like Social Security and Medicare “unsustainable.” [PoliticsPA, 3/21/23] [Daily Beast, 4/5/22]


  • Ted Cruz called Social Security a Ponzi scheme, backed a “benefit cut” proposal, and called to “raise the [Social Security] retirement age.” [NPR, 3/12/16] [CBS News, 11/23/15] [FactCheck.Org, 10/19/17]


  • Eric Hovde called for raising the retirement age for Social Security recipients. [45:45, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, YouTube, 7/19/12] (VIDEO)


  • Roughly 67 million Americans receive Social Security. 
  • Roughly 65 million Americans are enrolled in Medicare. 

See More: FACT SHEET: Republican Senate Candidates’ Attacks on Social Security (PDF)


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