Johnson On Trump: I’m Saying What I’m Saying … ???

Last week, Senator Ron Johnson previewed “the Ronald and the Donald” Show, his vision of a general election campaign tour with one of the most toxic and unpopular GOP frontrunners in history.

Problem was, Johnson – one of the most vulnerable incumbents of the cycle – sounded like he didn’t get the Republican memo that rather than offering Seuss-like “Stump with Trump” talking points, he was supposed to be focusing on “local issues.”

So Johnson returned to national television to try to clarify his position and succeeded only in confusing… everyone. When pushed to explain exactly what his position on Trump is, Johnson lamely offered: “I’m saying what I’m saying.”

“No one does an interview quite like Ron Johnson, but he managed to outdo even himself with this tortured attempt to explain how he feels about Donald Trump,” said Lauren Passalacqua, DSCC National Press Secretary. “It’s no wonder those who tuned in ended up more confused, but here’s one thing we know: Johnson plans to support the nominee and that’s bad news for women and families across Wisconsin – let alone Johnson’s own political future.”

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