NEW AD: DSCC Holds Republican Senator Ron Johnson Accountable For Voting Against Urgently Needed COVID Relief

The DSCC is launching a new digital video ad today on the GOP’s most vulnerable incumbent, Senator Ron Johnson, voting against the American Rescue Plan after spending days in Washington fighting to block and delay urgently needed relief for Wisconsin families and communities struggling to get through this pandemic.

The new 30-second YouTube ad running this week calls out Johnson for voting against $1,400 direct relief checks, against resources to increase access to vaccines, against local funding to help schools safely reopen, and against emergency assistance for small businesses and restaurants. The ad also notes the overwhelming bipartisan support for this relief package from Americans across the country.


“With a deadly virus still spreading and our economy struggling, Ron Johnson has been busy grandstanding in Washington as he plays political games and then votes against urgently needed relief for his constituents,” said DSCC spokesperson Stewart Boss. “If it were up to Ron Johnson, Wisconsinites would not get $1,400 checks, would lose enhanced unemployment relief, and would still be waiting for help to rescue small businesses, expand vaccinations and get schools reopened. This was a dangerous and harmful vote against a broadly popular COVID-19 relief plan, and we will continue to hold Johnson accountable.”

Johnson’s vote comes as more than 7,000 Wisconsinites have died from COVID-19, more than half a million have been infected, and thousands more have lost their jobs, seen their small businesses close, or had their lives upended during this crisis. Meanwhile, Johnson proudly declared this week that he would oppose even “even a dime more” in COVID-19 relief spending. Wisconsin mayors representing Brookfield, Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee and Sheboygan have called on Congress to pass the American Rescue Plan.


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