New Reports: Republicans Brace For “Battle Royale” as GOP Infighting Escalates in 2024 Senate Primaries

On the heels of previous reporting that Senate Republicans are “beginning to worry” they’re “again facing the risk of problematic candidates,” looming “primary wars,” and “intraparty fights,” a slew of new stories this week are highlighting how GOP primaries are continuing to escalate.

  • In Pennsylvania, new reporting from The Hill detailed how Republicans are bracing for a “major battle” and a “primary brawl” as potential candidates continue to jab at each other.

  • In Wisconsin, top Republicans and conservative media outlets across the state are fighting over the GOP field for Senate as they brace for an “all out primary war.”
  • In West Virginia, new reporting from the The Cook Political Report examined how Republicans are bracing for a “battle royale” and The Washington Examiner detailed how Republicans are bracing for a “costly and bruising intraparty fights” in this state and others.

See also: GOP Infighting Escalating Across 2024 Senate Races; Axios: Senate GOP’s 2024 landmines; The Cook Political Report: The Looming Senate GOP Primary Wars; Axios: GOP’s stormy 2024 outlook


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