Perdue In Hot Water *Again* For Shady, Well-Timed Stock Trading in Office

Senator Perdue Has Been Caught Multiple Times This Year Appearing to Use His Official Position to Benefit His Personal Stock Portfolio

New bombshell reporting this week revealed that Senator David Perdue “engaged in conspicuously timed trading” –– and it’s not the first time. Already in 2020, the wealthy former corporate CEO has come under scrutiny for self-dealing while in office on multiple occasions. Senator Perdue has repeatedly tried to distance himself from the pattern of scandal around his stock portfolio, but he’s refused to provide any documentation to support his office’s claims.

Perdue’s investments are once again under increased scrutiny after a new Daily Beast report yesterday detailed how he bought stock in a defense contractor for the first time as he assumed the role of chairing the subcommittee with jurisdiction over the company’s federal priorities, then helped steer lucrative federal funding towards the same company and made a profit.

Perdue has also come under fire for pushing to water down prepaid debit card rules while buying “stock in a company that stood to benefit from the rollback of those regulations.” And in the early days of the pandemic, Perdue was caught engaging in “heavy trading” beginning the very same day the Senate held a private coronavirus briefing – offloading hundreds of thousands in holdings that lost considerable value when the market tanked, while simultaneously investing in Netflix and “a chemical company that supplies personal protective equipment.” Ethics and law experts have slammed Perdue’s “suspicious trading” and said it “stinks to high heaven.”

“Time and time again, Senator Perdue has shown that he’s a corrupt D.C. politician who is looking out for himself and his special interest allies instead of his constituents,” said DSCC spokesperson Helen Kalla. “Georgians deserve better than a self-serving senator whose only concern is enriching himself and his corporate cronies.”

Catch up on some of Perdue’s greatest stock trading scandals from the past year:


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