Republican Stunt Bill Shortchanges Workers, Schools, State & Local Governments, and the Postal Service

DSCC spokesperson Helen Kalla issued the following statement on the Republican stunt bill:

“This Republican stunt bill leaves working families out to dry and cuts federal unemployment relief in half while giving broad legal immunity to Republicans’ corporate donors. It stiffs cash-strapped state and local governments, lacks the resources students and teachers need as they try to safely return to the classroom, and underfunds the Postal Service. The fact is, this was a sinister attempt to provide political cover for increasingly vulnerable Republican incumbents who have spent months opposing additional relief for working families and defending President Trump’s devastating response to this crisis.”

Senate Republicans had over four months to pass critical relief to support our struggling families, but instead chose to waste time and block negotiations as they allowed emergency unemployment benefits to expire before skipping town for a month-long summer recess. Now, as nearly 30 million Americans are still out of work due to the pandemic, their “anger” is directed at Senate Republicans for failing them in this crisis.


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