As GOP Revives Toxic Healthcare Plan DSCC To Relaunch Advertising For “The Price”

As Republicans revive their harmful health care plan — including a new provision that jeopardizes coverage for pre-existing conditions while protecting that coverage for members of Congress — today the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is re-launching its digital advertising campaign featuring the DSCC’s healthcare spot, “The Price.”

The ad will reach key persuadable voters and demographics of the midterm electorate including older Americans and women through targeted advertising on Google search and Facebook as part of a six-figure buy. The ads will target: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri, North Dakota, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Florida, West Virginia and Michigan.

“This plan is so bad, even Republicans want to protect themselves from it,” said David Bergstein of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. “When it came time to stand up for hardworking Americans’ health care, Republicans stood with the big insurance companies to drive up costs, strip coverage and make older Americans pay five times more. To every GOP Senate candidate and those who are still considering whether or not to run, our message is simple: you own this plan and voters will hold you accountable for your broken promises and reckless self-interest.”

“The Price”

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The DSCC first released the spot — described as “gut punch of an ad” by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow — in March alongside a healthcare website and a memo detailing the campaign implications of the GOP’s proposal. During the recent congressional recess the DSCC also expanded its healthcare website and released targeted Google search advertisements highlighting potential Republican Senate candidates’ support for their party’s toxic healthcare Plan.


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