DSCC Launches Bumper Flock Ads Highlighting Rick Scott’s Toxic Health Care Plan

Ads utilize Google’s innovative ad format that reaches viewers across the internet with 3 sequential video spots

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee today launched new digital ads utilizing Google’s innovative bumper flock format — highlighting how Rick Scott’s toxic health care plan will spike costs and strip coverage for hardworking families.

The ad format features a set of six-second, non-skippable bumper video ads presented to a viewer sequentially across their internet searches and travels — in this case, three sequential six-second ads. The format is optimal for delivering critical messages while keeping viewer’s attention, especially across mobile platforms. The ads will reach targeted voters in Florida as part of an ongoing six-figure digital buy. The DSCC is the first campaign committee to utilize Google’s bumper flock format this cycle.

“The Republican’s health care plan is striking Americans families in their everyday lives and in their most challenging moments — spiking their costs and stripping away coverage they are depending on so that big insurance companies can get another tax break,” said David Bergstein of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. “This message reaches voters over a series of direct and compelling spots that tell the story of how Rick Scott’s agenda has hurt Floridians and their families.”

The full ad flock is available here, view the three ads in succession below:

Ad #1

Ad #2

Ad #3

The DSCC is working aggressively to hold Republican Senate candidates accountable for their toxic health care plan. In March, the DSCC first launched its 30 second health care spot, “The Price,” — described as a “gut punch of an ad” by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow — alongside a health care website. Since then, the DSCC has released Google search advertisements; 6-second non-skippable Youtube bumper ads in 9 states; full-screen Google takeover ads against Sens. Heller (NV), Flake (AZ), Cruz (TX) and Gov. Scott (FL); geo-targeted Google search and display ads around 4th of July parades and events; and most recently, Pandora radio ads against Sens. Heller (NV) and Flake (AZ). The DSCC is the first campaign committee to utilize Google’s innovative bumper and full-screen takeover ad formats this cycle.


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