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NEW DSCC AD: Cory Gardner’s Record On Medicare & Education Is Wrong For Colorado


Gardner Voted To Cut Education & Medicare To Pay For Massive Tax Cut For Corporations

South Dakotans Can’t Trust Mike Rounds To Tell The Truth


Recent revelations raise important questions about whether we can trust Mike Rounds to tell the truth. Rounds originally testified to the state legislature that he never was served legal papers in the lawsuit involving the EB-Five Visa scandal, but that turned out not to be true. And for years, Rounds claimed that he did not personally recruit investors for the state E-B-Five program. But news broke recently that Rounds wrote a letter on the state's letterhead soliciting E-B-Five investors back in 2005.


NEW DSCC AD: While Braley Fights To Make College More Affordable, Joni Ernst’s Extreme Agenda Hurts Iowa Students



The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is releasing a new ad today in Iowa that presents the clear contrast between Joni Ernst and Bruce Braley on who’s best for Iowa’s hardworking students and families. While Joni Ernst backs an extreme plan to eliminate all federal student loans, Bruce Braley is fighting to make college more affordable. Braley worked to put himself through college and now is working to allow those with student loan debt to refinance at a lower interest rate.

NEW DSCC AD: Joni Ernst Is On The Wrong Side Of Iowa’s Most Vulnerable Women



Sexual Assault Response Team Nurse: Ernst  Would “Ban A Woman’s Right To Choose Even For Women Who’ve Been Through That Trauma, Absolutely Brutalized”


The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is releasing a powerful new ad in Iowa today highlighting Joni Ernst’s support for taking away women’s personal health care decisions, even for Iowa’s most vulnerable women who are victims of rape or incest.


NEW DSCC Ad: David Perdue Would Be Devastating For Georgia Schools


Latest Poll Shows Michelle Nunn Leading Perdue By Three

Perdue Would Cost Georgia Schools $1 Billion, Eliminate All Federal Student Loans

NEW DSCC AD: Speaker Tillis Pledges To Implement Same Disastrous Agenda In The Senate That He’s Pushed In Raleigh


Tillis Raised Taxes On Retirement Income & Gave Tax Breaks To Millionaires, Backs Cutting Social Security & Medicare  

NEW DSCC AD: Tom Cotton’s Shameful Vote Against VAWA Was A Vote Against Arkansas’s Most Vulnerable Women


Domestic Violence Counselor Holds Cotton Accountable For Turning His Back On Arkansas Women

NEW DSCC AD: EB-5 Scandal Engulfs Mike Rounds


Rounds Sold U.S. Citizenship To Chinese Investors, Then Gave Shady, Offshore Corporation Special Tax Breaks To Keep His Scheme Afloat

NEW DSCC AD: Joni Ernst’s Extreme Ideas Would Cost Iowa Schools Critical Funding, Hurt Iowa Students


Ernst’s Own Words Once Again Highlight How She’s Too Extreme For Iowa

NEW DSCC AD: Colorado Women Set The Record Straight On Cory Gardner’s Lies That Hurt Women’s Health


Gardner Continues To Lie About Sponsoring A Bill That Would Make Abortion & Most Kinds Of Birth Control Illegal