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NEW DSCC AD: Kentucky Teacher Explains That Mitch McConnell Has Spent His 30 Years In Washington Working For Himself, But Not Kentuckians


McConnell Voted To Raise His Own Pay Six Times, Opposes Raising The Minimum Wage

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is releasing a new ad today featuring a Kentucky teacher, who explains that Mitch McConnell has spent three decades in Washington working for himself, but not Kentuckians.

NEW DSCC AD: A Vote For Speaker Tillis Is A Vote Against North Carolina Families


Speaker Tillis Cut Nearly $500 Million From Education, Gave Huge Tax Breaks To Millionaires & Corporations

NEW DSCC AD: Tom Cotton Is On The Wrong Side Of Arkansas Seniors, Women & Families


“A Vote For Tom Cotton Is A Vote Against Arkansas Women”

NEW DSCC AD: David Perdue Is “Proud” That He Sent Georgia Jobs To China


When Perdue Worked At Sara Lee It Was His “Primary Responsibility” To Outsource

Sara Lee Shut Down Four Georgia Plants, Eliminated 540 Georgia Jobs While Outsourcing To China

NEW DSCC AD: Sullivan Signed A Pledge Revealing Everything Alaska Women Need To Know About Him


Sullivan Pledges To Oppose A Woman’s Right To Choose, Defund Planned Parenthood

NEW DSCC AD: Brown’s Votes To Put Millionaires Ahead Of Seniors Put Him On The Wrong Side Of New Hampshire


While Representing Massachusetts, Brown Voted To Cut Medicare & Social Security

NEW DSCC AD: While Bruce Braley Fights To Protect Social Security, Joni Ernst Backs An Extreme Privatization Plan


Joni Ernst: “Yes, I Have Talked About Privatizing Social Security”

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is releasing a new ad today in Iowa that highlights Bruce Braley's commitment to protecting Social Security and Joni Ernst's extreme plan to privatize Social Security.

NEW DSCC AD: Millionaire Bill Cassidy’s Plan To Raise The Retirement Age To 70 Would Hurt Hard Working Louisianians


“We’re Not Millionaires, We Don’t Make Bill Cassidy Kind Of Money. But He Wants Us To Keep Working Until We’re 70.”

NEW DSCC ADS: The Tillis Toll Lanes – Another Reason Why North Carolina Can’t Trust Speaker Tillis


Thom Tillis Pushed Toll Lane Bill Through The Legislature, His Big Backers Could Make Millions